Allison Wood Founder & CEO
Camera IQ

Allison Wood

Allison began telling mixed-reality stories while pursuing a dual MFA in Interior Design and Digital Interactive Art at Pratt institute. Exploring the intersection between design, architecture and human interaction, Allison became interested in how technology could bridge our online and offline worlds. She was an inaugural member of the New Museum incubator, New Inc.

In  2016 Allison founded Camera IQ. Camera IQ empowers marketers to participate in the rapidly-growing mobile camera ecosystem by hosting and publishing their own content to any number of emerging mobile camera platforms and/or their own applications.

She has been an expert speaker at:

– SxSW Panel w New Inc, Austin TX 2015

– TedxTeen, New York City  2015

– Muconn, South Korea 2015

– Future Artefacts, Dazed Media Panel, London 2015

– Ableton Live Loop, Berlin Germany 2015

– Digital Hollywood, Los Angeles 2016

– Disney Expo, London, 2016

– Unilever – The Pitch, New York, 2016

– Northside Festival, 2016

– MIT Media Lab, Nov 2016

– Facebook // Oculus , Jan 2017


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