Brian Mahoney Creative Director & Co-Founder
Look On Media

Brian Mahoney

Brian Mahoney is a professional dreamer with a drive and passion for all things VR. After graduating from MICA, he spent the last ten years at Firaxis, one of the most critically respected videogame companies in the world. During his time there he shipped 6 major titles all of which received critical and commercial success, even earning many Game of the Year awards along the way. In those games Brian has worked with industry leading talent to create 3D environments and worlds that captivated millions of players all around the world. His new passion is creating 3D worlds in Virtual Reality that truly inspire a sense of wonder as though the audience has been teleported to a place of enduring dreams and imagination. With this new technology the only limit is the power of the imagination and Brian will create worlds that truly transport audiences to places they’ve never been before.


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