Doug Champion CCO
Visionary Artists

Doug Champion

As a Creative Technologist, Content Producer and WGA Screenwriter, Doug Champion has enjoyed a prolific 20 year career spanning multiple verticals of entertainment and technology. Currently he serves as CCO of Visionary Artists where he develops bleeding-edge content within the burgeoning arena of live-action volumetric-VR.

One such project – disk1: The Epic of Gilgamesh – a $120M live-action volumetric-VR feature written by Doug, has garnered fervent acclaim for its wildly original premise surrounding the universe rebooting and the inherent technical ambition in developing such a project.

In tandem with his creative endeavors and as a life-long enthusiast of theoretical physics, Doug has postulated a somewhat novel framework for describing the fabric of spacetime as the modal phenomena of a scale-invariant superfluid.

During his time as CTO of Tech Lab Company, Doug focused on the cultivation of a self-healing platform for purposes of autonomous network operations – i.e., computers that fix themselves.

Doug currently resides in the Calabasas, CA area.


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