Kevin Mack Founder, Creator, Artist
Shape Space VR

Kevin Mack

Kevin Mack is a virtual reality artist, founder of Shape Space VR, and Academy Award winning visual effects pioneer. Kevin received the Oscar for Best Visual Effects for his work on What Dreams May Come.

Kevin’s work is inspired by transcendent visions, nature, and technology, and is informed by research in a wide range of fields from neuroscience to artificial life.

Mack’s VR art experiences, Blortasia and Zen Parade, focus on the spatial presence of virtual reality as an artistic medium in and of itself. In addition to being entertaining, Mack’s VR works have proven to have profoundly positive effects on consciousness by inducing awe, mindfulness, and the flow state.

Zen Parade, is being used as a hypnoanalgesic during awake brain surgery and to help map the right hemisphere of the brain. Blortasia is being used in therapy and is the subject of a medical research study.

For Blortasia, Kevin designed a unique and intuitive VR flight navigation system that doesn’t cause motion sickness or sacrifice presence.

Kevin brings decades of experience in creative and technological innovation on his mission to explore the positive potential of virtual reality art. 


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