Ontario Britton AR Mobile Developer

Ontario Britton

Ontario is a freelance Unity game developer, senior iOS engineer at Cambeo and a top-rated technical trainer. Millions of people have enjoyed his iOS games including Originator’s “Endless Alphabet”, which was runner up for Apple’s App of the Year award. His AR endeavors include a soon-to-launch immersive geolocation game to be played in a major U.S. theme park. In his off-time, he tests bleeding-edge UX in AR and VR. He has garnered some of the industry’s highest recognition for his forward leaning software development.

During a decade of professional development, Ontario came to specialize in front-end design, UX and graphics. He has programmed for mobile devices, head mounted displays, augmented reality and even gamified, head-mounted brain-computer interfaces.

He also plays the tuba at a semi-professional level, guitar, piano and trombone.


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