Paul Viglienzone VP Business Development
Pico Interactive

Paul Viglienzone

Paul Viglienzone heads up US and European business for Pico Interactive – an outstanding hardware company which is liberating people from clunky VR headsets.

Among other things, Paul grew up reading sci-fi and playing arcade video games. The tech was cool, but the thing that interested him most was the way technology, both real and imagined, tended to elevate social interaction. This notion was reinforced after spending way too long as a student, studying critical theory, design theory and business theory – all of which somehow ended up revolving around human interaction with, and through, technology.

And now VR is here! Good times for technology mediated interaction!

With almost 20 years of experience in the online and video game business, Paul has had the good fortune to work with some of the best people in the industry. Immediately prior to Pico, Paul spent a decade at PlayStation and was given the opportunity to be part of the teams who delivered PlayStation Network, PS4 and PS VR, among others. Over those years Paul developed a deep appreciation for simplicity as a guiding principle of product design – and now he is delighted to champion Pico’s philosophy of “user first design” to gamers and VR enthusiasts everywhere.


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