Samantha Mathews Head of Business Development

Samantha Mathews

Samantha Mathews is Co-Founder and CEO of Venn.Agency, a consultancy dedicated to bootstrapping the metaverse by connecting companies, artists, and educators on projects that further the vision of building an immersive web for everyone.

Her passion for building a true Metaverse was realized through a chance meeting with Hacker/Artist, Alusion, who introduced her to JanusVR, a suite of technology that addresses the intersection of the internet in VR/AR.

Their development of about:blank, a 1920’s character home in the heart of Los Angeles transformed into a mixed-reality metaverse gallery experience built entirely in Janus, caught the attention of founders James McCrae and Karan Singh and Venn joined the team of wizards to help lead their business development and education programs.

She has been an international touring music producer and performer as Blondtron since 2006 and held residencies in Vancouver and Berlin. Her debut comic, Blondtron will be released this fall with the Amplify Her Film. The story follows an entertainment robot, gifted with sentience, on her journey of awakening. Expanding her character to the third dimension, she is currently developing a 3D music player bot for immersive websites to be released with the comic book and motion comic. The Blondtron functions as it would in the story world, a dancing robot that plays the music of your choosing.


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