Timothy Ruse Co-Founder & CEO
Zero Latency

Timothy Ruse

Tim Ruse is a co-founder and CEO of Zero Latency, a world leading free-roam virtual reality technology business. He is obsessed with using emerging technology to create new business models. This passion drove him to take Zero Latency from a garage to the world stage and 40x revenue in under 2 years.

He is fascinated by what makes people tick and how great companies grow. He believes that no matter what you do, people are the most important factor.

You want more?

Growing up in Perth, Western Australia, Tim’s early life was consumed with music and creative endeavours. Working with passionate people to create new things has always been central to what drives him. During his career in IT he learned how to develop products in the corporate space. He now brings these creative and technology skills together to create new businesses.

Fun fact:

Tim has been a professional actor, focused mainly on reality based training. He has also appeared on TV shows.


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